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Spend time on your tenants, not administration

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Can’t find my lease agreement
Can you send me a copy?
I'll send you a copy right away.
Inquiry complete
I can't access my tenant profile
Please reset my password
Sure, check your email
Inquiry complete
Where can I find recycling bins?
At the end of the courtyard
Near the play area
Inquiry complete
I locked myself out of my apartment
Sorry to hear that!
We'll arrange for a locksmith to assist you
Janitor assigned
I can't find my oven manual
No worries!
Sending it your way
Inquiry complete
My washer is overflowing!
Can you send a technican?
The technican is on their way!
Supplier assigned
Where can I find the house rules?
It’s located in the tenant handbook
Access it in our tenant app
Inquiry complete
Our floor is scratched
Can you fix it for us?
Sure! We'll send one of our suppliers.
Supplier assigned
Energy consumption
2,203 MWh
7% less compared to last year
Udløber 19. januar 2034
Tenant satisfaction
87 procent
10% more compared to last month
Based on 543 reviews
Service agreements
Waste disposal
Expires in one week
Facility service agreement
Expires in 3 months
HVAC maintenance agreement
Expires in 6 months
Tenant communication
Erik Andersen
There is absolutely no heat on the...
Lasse Petersen
The underfloor heating has lost...
Maja Larsen
The waste chute is clogged again...
Facility management
CTS plant
Ventilation system
Elevator maintenance
HVAC maintenance
Snow clearance
Work orders
Mow the lawn
Collect trash
Common area cleaning

All-in-one Property solution

The property platform for owners, admins, and tenants

Service Hub

Give tenants the support they need before they need it

Two-way communication with tenants, suppliers and owners across work orders, properties and documents.
Track and trace
Follow the status of the case from start to finish and receive tailored notifications when there is anything new in the case.
Internal communication
Use internal communication if there is information on a case that should only be shared with colleagues.
Use notifications for tenant satisfaction surveys or send messages to tenants when operations change.
Effortless file sharing
Share files with the tenant, supplier or property owner in a GDPR-safe format.
App for operations managers
Use the app to communicate with tenants, create cases and share files.
Contact our support by email, chat or phone every weekday 8.00-16.00 (Fridays 8.00-15.30).
Order system
Resolve issues quickly with an order system optimized for teamwork and real-time tenant updates.
Conversations in real-time
Communicate with tenants and suppliers using one platform. It reduces the need for frequent phone calls.
Service agreements and facilities

Overview of your entire portfolio

Never miss a service with asset management, automated service workflows and service history.
Service history
Get an insight into all inspections and installation documents on active and previous installations.
Cooperation with suppliers
Forward cases to the property's external suppliers and share files and notes inside the case.
QR codes
Put QR codes on your plant and scan the code to see plant documents and previous inspections.
Create service agreements
See all your service agreements and create recurring activities when it's time for service.
Export data
Retrieve data about cases, work orders, suppliers or properties.
Maintenance plans
Plan future tasks, services and maintenance budgets.
Service agreements
Manage your service agreements and receive reminders about upcoming services.
Facility overview
Manage your extensive property portfolio from a single, centralized location.
Operation and maintenance

Streamline your business

No more binders and spreadsheets with maintenance management, long-term planning and advanced reporting.
Display only the data that is relevant to the user with Propbinder's customized filters.
Owner portal
Let the owners gain insight into all relevant data about the property with Propbinder's dashboard.
Compare suppliers
Compare your suppliers across prices, industry and location.
Use your own design in Propbinder so that it matches your visual identity and brand.
Photo documentation
Document work done with pictures and videos that the operations manager and tenants can see.
Resource planning
See how many cases there are per team, operations manager and property.
Time recording
Keep track of the time spent by everyone on your team.
Reporting and analyses
Real-time dashboards and monitoring views make it easy to take action and optimize team performance.
Compare the properties' consumption
Get control of your sustainable solutions and consumption with an overview of your entire portfolio
App for operations managers

Makes the working day easier

Communicate directly with tenants and colleagues through the app.
Write with your tenants and colleagues when it suits you.
See all your properties, orders and documents.
Forget about remembering important details about an order and enter the information directly in the app.

Automate your workflows

Propbinder offers seamless integration with a wide range of providers, ensuring a streamlined experience.
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Modern real estate teams run on Propbinder

"Propbinder has been a game-changer for me as a property manager. It simplifies my daily tasks and helps me maintain an overview."
Head of Facility Services
"Propbinder makes a huge difference to me. I can see the tasks I have to do super easily, and not least communication with my tenants is a breeze."
Operations manager
"We have always struggled a lot with our service contracts with our suppliers. With Propbinder, we have a fantastic overview, and even better, the platform automatically requisitions our suppliers."
Operations manager
"It is super easy for us to follow the tasks that our caretakers and administrators carry out at our properties, and we can easily follow tenant satisfaction on an ongoing basis."
Property owner