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The new standard for property management

We have raised the standard for what modern property management should be able to do.
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Facility management
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Never miss an inquiry with automated workflows and service history.


Remove the person dependency in your organization

Communicate with tenants, suppliers and owners across work orders, properties and documents.
User chat
If you have questions for a user or want other help in the portal, use our chat. Our support is ready to help every weekday from 8-16.00 (Fridays 8-15.30).
Internal communication
Inside the case, you have the opportunity to communicate internally and share notes and information with colleagues and employees.
Vendor cooperation
Create your suppliers and forward cases to them. Once the supplier has accepted a case, he can communicate with both the tenant and the operations manager and view shared documents.
App for operations managers
In the app, the operations manager can create orders, communicate with tenants and share documents. It is a help for both the operations manager and the tenants.
Branded forms
Get your forms tailored so that they match your brand and visual identity. It creates recognition among your tenants, internally and with suppliers.
The operations manager, the tenant and the supplier have the option of receiving a tailored message when a case is created, the status changes or there is new communication on the case.
Operation and maintenance

Streamline your operations

Use maintenance management, long-term planning and advanced reporting to streamline your operations.
Registrer timer ud fra rolle og arbejdsopgaver og træk statistik på jeres samlet timeforbrug.
Order overview
View all ongoing or closed cases. See how many cases there are on a specific property and how many you have forwarded to external suppliers.
Use our customized filters so that you only see data that is relevant to you. With our customized filters, the user can easily change and adapt the filters so that the desired data is always ready when the user logs in.
Suppliers and service contracts
Get a comprehensive overview of all your suppliers and service contracts. Create customized filters so that you can easily sort the suppliers based on profession, ratings, addresses and prices.
Property overview
Get a comprehensive overview of all your properties. Should it be sorted by department, address or operations manager? You choose and set up your own filters. That way, you always get the same view when you log into Propbinder.
Who takes which tasks? And how many tasks are there on a single property? In Propbinder, you can easily plan resources and change the person responsible for a task in the event of illness or vacation.
Maintenance plans
Plan future tasks, services and maintenance budgets. If there are recurring tasks, services or statutory inspections, they can be created as fixed tasks with a fixed interval.
Service history
See all services that have been carried out at your facility. Service contracts, shared documents and descriptions are linked to the individual plant, so it is always easy to access.
Service agreements and facilities

Increase your maintenance efficiency

Get rid of binders and spreadsheets with digital management of maintenance budgets, resources and service agreements.
Our support is available every weekday from 8 am to 4 pm (Fridays 8 am to 3.30 pm). Support can be contacted via chat, email and phone.
Service history
When is the facility from? And when is the next service? With our service history, you can see all information about a plant and gain insight into previous services on active and previous plants.
Document sharing
Share documents with tenants, internally and with suppliers. Create customized folders on the case and choose which folders should be available to you, the tenant and the supplier.
Service agreements
Collect all your service agreements in one place. Create a service agreement with a desired interval for service. Propbinder then sends an order each time it is time for service.
QR codes
Put QR codes on your facility and let the tenant scan a code to create a case. With QR codes, it is possible to create orders, view user manuals and information about the facility.

Optimize your performance

Real-time dashboards to improve decision-making and optimize your team's performance.
Use Propbinder to create sustainable solutions for your properties. Keep an eye on your energy consumption and get an overview of your energy labels and certificates.
Analysis and reporting
What does your overall tenant satisfaction look like? How many cases have you received? And how many cases have been forwarded and registered? You decide which data you want to gain insight into.

Automate your processes

Easy integration to a wide range of providers, ensuring a streamlined workflow.
Propbinder is the world champion in integrations! We already have over 5000 active integrations for e.g. UNIK, BBR and Microsoft Dynamics.
Standard reports
With our standard reports, you can quickly get a comprehensive overview of the data on all your properties. The reports can be sent by email at a fixed interval, so you are always up to date.
Open API
We have made it possible for our customers to build their own customized integrations for Propbinder.